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Reload Quick Change Arbors and Two Up System

Only Re-Load™ packs the following features :

  • One touch tool release and changeover of all sizes of standard bi-metal hole saw.
  • Exclusive dual drive shaft system for extra stability
  • Rapid plug removal after drilling - simply plunge the arbor to eject plug.
  • Exclusive Two-up™ mode for enlarging holes - fastest in the business!
  • Compact design - smallest available. Allows operation in the tightest of spaces.

Upgrade Opions:

Most manufacturers want you to buy their particular brand hole saw to fit their dedicated system - Re-Load™ offers upgrade packs to fit your existing saws.

Of course if your in the market for new hole saws, we also offer a full range of quality Re-Load™ Hole Saw Sets.

Upgrade you own saws or go new - your choice!


Originally invented by an electrician, Re-Load™  was developed especially for professionals working where space is limited. As a result, Re-Load™  has gained rapid acceptance amongst electricians, alarm installers refrigeration trades and many others.

At only 25mm (1”) diameter  and with a head thickness of  20mm (3/4”) 

Re-Load  is the most compact unit in it’s class and packs the following features:

  • Dual Shaft drive.
  • Quick change 14- 102 mm (9/16” – 4”) HSS bi metal hole saws.
  • Two up™ across the whole range of saws.
  • Plug eject in seconds.
  • Quality construction.

Reload™ is available as either an upgrade boss and arbor pack for your own saws or as hole saw sets with Re-Load™ quality saws.

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